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Traveling without insurance: a bad idea?

You’ve been planning this adventure or ultimate relaxation getaway for several weeks or months. You think you’ve made all the arrangements and have everything in order to ensure your trip goes smoothly: itinerary, plane tickets, hotel, swimsuit, toothbrush.

Everything. Do you really? What about your travel insurance? Going abroad, even for a few days, can turn into a horror story and can have serious financial consequences if you are not adequately protected.

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To travel with complete peace of mind, be well informed before you leave

Most travellers are aware of the importance of travel insurance. Many rely on the protection offered by their credit card issuer, believing that it will protect them in all eventualities, or that their group insurance program will be sufficient if something goes wrong. But is that really the case? Does the included coverage really meet your needs? At Matcha Insurance, which is a personal insurance broker, our financial security advisors can help you understand the situation and offer you coverage tailored to your needs, such as products offered by Tour-Med Travel Insurance. In this way, you can leave with peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, you will be protected and supported.

Five things to consider before declining travel insurance

Even if you are covered by group insurance or your credit card issuer, you should consult the product guide for your insurance contract before travelling, to verify the following details:

  1. Based on your age, is the coverage available sufficient, and for how long?
  2. Your health must be stable for you to be insured. The criteria and prerequisites may vary from one credit card company to another. Learn more!
  3. If you did not pay for the trip with your credit card, the coverage offered by your credit card may be less, or you may have no coverage at all.
  4. If you need to extend your travel insurance, certain conditions may apply. You may even be unable to extend it. Learn more!
  5. What is included in your insurance coverage with regard to conditions, amount of insurance, trip cancellation or interruption, baggage and personal effects, accidents or death, etc.?

Assess your travel insurance needs

As with property and casualty insurance and life and health insurance products, several travel insurance coverages are available. When planning your trip, take the time to assess your needs in the event of a medical or non-medical emergency:

  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance
  • Baggage insurance

Matcha Insurance’s advisors will be happy to assist you in this process, preventing you from being inadequately covered or unnecessarily double-insured.

A travel assistance service is useful!

Obtaining travel insurance from a private insurer can mean getting help quickly in an emergency. For example, your insurer could direct you to emergency medical services or facilitate your return to Quebec if you need to interrupt your trip.

A travel assistance service is available with certain insurance coverages and acts as an intermediary between the insurer and the insured person. This service can assist you with procedures such as obtaining emergency medical care, coordinating the repatriation of a deceased person and making cash advances to the hospital.

Vehicle rentals

If you are planning to rent a vehicle outside of Canada, whether or not you have auto insurance in Quebec, you need to know about the coverages available in the marketplace. Depending on the company, you will be dealing with and your location (e.g., Canada, the United States, Europe), the terms and conditions related to liability for theft of and damage to the vehicle vary and can be very costly. Find out what coverages may be available at the rental agency or when renting the vehicle before you leave.

Still have questions about the travel insurance offered by Matcha Insurance? Our financial security advisors are available to answer any questions you may have and to reassure you.

Contact us now by calling 1 844 532-3228 or Book an Appointment.


  1. As soon as you plan to travel outside your home province, consider buying travel insurance.
  2. The financial security advisors at Matcha Insurance — a personal insurance broker — are here to answer your questions and help you make the best decisions for your travel insurance coverage by meeting your needs.
  3. Take the time to identify and understand the key protections, limitations and exclusions, especially if you have a specific health condition
  4. Check your group benefits coverage at work and credit cards to avoid being “double-insured”
  5. Before leaving, contact your insurer if you have seen a doctor, your health is not stable or your medication has changed
  6. If you’re renting a car, consider taking out vehicle rental insurance

Have a safe trip!

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